Workflow Express

Data Capture

The first step is to capture all contract-relevant information in a form readily accessible throughout the organization and controlled by appropriate permissions. By keeping documents are held in digital form in a central repository, the software can ensure that all necessary information is included and kept up to date during the approval cycle.

Legal Assessment

Once an agreement is drafted, the legal department of the organization is brought in to validate the terms. This is not done only or even mainly with respect to the particular draft. Instead, a library of templates, standard clauses and business terms is set up. This library can be employed to create any new contract, extended if need be, and used with minimum legal assistance without incurring a legal risk.

Like the catalogue of retained documents and the data-base of all contract-relevant information, the legally approved templates are held in the central repository, immediately searchable and accessible to any approved person or group anywhere in the organization.

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