Workflow Express


The workflow of Contract Management Software monitors compliance with each contract, according to the business terms, and generates exception reports upon any failure. For example, if a document has got stuck waiting for approval by an individual it may first send an email reminder and next escalate the issue to management or automatically reassign it to another person with the necessary authority.

With repeated failures, the exception reports are normally directed to higher levels of the organization. The same workflow generates reports on the performance of continuing contracts, and initiates review of those near expiry.

Based on reports in the workflow, the system can generate dashboards and custom reports giving an overview of the business, and its development over time. By integrating this data with analytic applications, Contract Management Software provides predictions of market behavior.

Business terms for different agreements are readily compared, and desirable changes incorporated into the master templates. This facilities a continual improvement and refinement in the business terms applied, not only for the company, but also, in some cases, for its partners, suppliers and/or clients.

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