Workflow Express

Software Features

Add workflow to Google docs to streamline and automate your business processes with email notifications and escalation processes. Capture the details of every transaction with a full audit trail.

Provide transparent access with Google Single Sign-On, Active Directory or LDAP and manage security with a single point of control for your entire organization.

Cover all of your business needs in one program that can manage workflows for contract and document management, repair tracking, regulatory compliance or totally custom processes. Map out your processes and get them working together as a single efficient whole.

Build complex workflows right before your eyes using our drag and drop graphical workflow editor that controls the flow of information in a clear visual format.

Let your business run itself with a powerful business rules engine that turns your workflows into proactive business machines that run 24/7. Automate and enforce best practices with based business rules which control the assignment and priority of duties. Use automatic email notifications to staff on track.

Access what you need, when you need it with a search engine that can search millions of records and attached files in seconds. Create complex searches without programming and save them for re-use whenever needed.

Obtain insight into your business with custom charts and reports that provide the exact metrics that you need, with Excel integration and drill down capabilities.

Control access and security with group-based permissions that can manage create/edit and view access right down to the level of individual fields.

Get your staff started quickly with personal staff home pages, customizable to provide a variety of hyperlinks that take directly to active issues.

Transition seamlessly from your older infrastructure with an adaptable data model that can import all your existing information, or integrate with existing systems through robust Web Services and REST API's.

Satisfy regulatory compliance without increasing your costs, with a system that not only documents and enforces workflow, but shows how they were followed in every instance. Now you can satisfy complex requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA without overhead because Agiloft Workflow Express builds audit trails automatically.

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